Hi, my name's David Verba and I'm a lover of art. I post a lot of it here on my website, but also mostly on youtube, soundcloud and imgur. I make a lot of different forms of art. I grew up in Santa Monica and tend to veer towards gothic/surrealist art. I shook Snoop Dogg's hand once. Nature makes me happy, I like dogs but am allergic, and if I could choose a superpower it would be to fly. I love collabing with people so don't be shy if you wanna.



My favorite filmmakers are Charlie Kaufman, Lars Von Trier, Stanley Kubrick, Koji Shiraishi, Ari Aster, the Safdie Brothers, and Terry Gilliam. My favorite musicians are Arca, Oneohtrix Point Never, MF Doom, Sophie, Colin Stetson, Debussy, Chopin, J Dilla, Steve Reich, Dean Blunt, Hype Williams, and Inga Copeland. The comic authors who inspire me are Junji Ito, Shuzo Oshimi, Nick Drnaso, and Minetaro Mochizuki.

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